MDCA1362 : Medical Assisting F

Students in this course will practice various administrative skills. Students perform intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections, calculate medication dosages, and administer medication. They will practice keyboarding, apply positive communication skills, practice diagnostic procedures and perform vital sign procedures.

MED-SURG121CR: Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing

This course introduces the student to head-to-toe client data gathering, care of the pre- and post- operative client, and care of clients with self-care deficits. Asepsis, elements of the infectious process, causes of disease, basic intravenous (IV), practicum (site rate, solution identification), and the body’s normal defenses are discussed. Students learn to incorporate the nursing process in the care of pre- and post-operative clients and those with self-care deficits. A student who fails MED-SURG121CR will be withdrawn from the co-requisite course.






Credit Hours


Clock Hours

(Theory 40, Lab 40) (Ground 40, Online 40)