Entrance Assessment Requirements

Prospective students applying for admission who are high school graduates or hold a GED must meet the minimum assessment scores as follows:


Wonderlic SLE


Cardiovascular Sonography



Dental Assistant



Dental Hygiene



Diagnostic Medical Sonography 21 75

Medical Assistant



Physical Therapist Assistant



Respiratory Therapy



Surgical Technology



Applicants for all programs may attempt the Wonderlic a total of three times (only twice on the same day) and, when required, the Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) A2 entrance assessment a total of two times. If the minimum score is not met, the applicant must wait six (6) months before retesting. 

All students must complete the Online Readiness Assessment. 

All previously completed HESI assessments from Concorde, or another institution will be accepted at Concorde’s approved acceptable minimum scores. In addition, assessments from other institutions must not have been taken within 30 days of enrollment. 

The Wonderlic SLE requirement may be waived upon receipt of documentation of any of the following: 

  • SAT score of 1000 or above achieved within five years of the date of application to Concorde. 
  • ACT score of 19 or above achieved within five years of the date of application to Concorde. 
  • Official proof of successfully passing the Wonderlic at the current required score. 
  • All core applicants and reentry students are exempt from Wonderlic SLE testing if they can provide a copy or unofficial transcripts of earning an Associate’s or higher degree that was taught in the English language.

The HESI A2 requirement may be waived: 

  • The student is applying to a program for which the HESI A2 is not required for waitlist rankings.  
  • The student provides a copy or unofficial transcripts of earning an Associate’s or higher degree that was taught in the English language. Applicants with an approved HESI A2 waiver must still take the Wonderlic SLE and meet the minimum score. 
  • The applicant achieves a Wonderlic SLE score of 20 or higher for Respiratory Therapy or Surgical Technology; or 21 or higher for Physical Therapist Assistant. 

Cardiovascular Sonography

Candidates must meet the minimum overall HESI A2 assessment score listed above. In addition, candidates must meet the minimum assessment score on each of the three individual sections of the assessment. The minimum assessment score for each section is 10 points lower than the required HESI A2 overall score listed above.

Clinical Programs

Prospective clinical students will sit for the Wonderlic SLE. Prospective students applying for clinical programs that lead to board exams and/or licensure who meet the initial Wonderlic SLE acceptable minimum score will be required to take the HESI (excluding those exempted above). Candidates for these programs must achieve the minimum composite score to move forward in the admissions process. 

Those meeting the Wonderlic SLE minimum score requirement and HESI minimum score requirement will be placed on a waitlist, if applicable. The list will be sorted high to low based on the current waitlist criteria. Students will be selected from the waitlist and notified at least two weeks before the start of the program.